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Page for WVTim


This page is dedicated to my friend WVTim. 


For some months this page was hidden and for exchange with WVTim only. But meanwhile I’m telling here so much - especially on our/my Arduino exercises - I don’t want to publish on another page the same again. So I decided to make this page public for everyone.

But take this as a warning:

If you want to discover some of my/our caches 
in future, 
shouldn’t continue to read!

This is our collaboration web page. If you’re wondering, it’s only me writing here and there’re no comments from him, this is the reason: Most of the time we’re emailing. Usually one email per day at least. In addition we’re doing some video chats (for Apple guys: Using „FaceTime“). That are the main „channels“ we’re using to discuss our concepts. This page is a kind like a third „channel“: Sometimes it’s the start to deeply explain my idea for something new to him. Or to share experiences I did. (One of my greates one was, to learn that geographical coordinates don’t have an „E“ or a „W“, but can be positive or negative. Interested? Look here…). Due to the fact that Tim is an expert in building the housings while I’m doing the programming, it’s up to me to built the prototypes. The result of them (and sometimes some background information, I like to share with him and the long way to have them working) is also shown there.

I’m numbering them all all „joint caches“ like „xxxth JC“, even when we decided that a prototype will never been built in reality.

Important: English isn’t my mother language. So I’m using a term of my son translated to English (in a way that the grammar is awful but the joke is still existing): "If you’re exploring a mistake, you can keep it for your own for free!"

This is also an update of my GC profile showing some „older“ caches of mine. Older? Yes I started to buit some in spring 2014. So they aren’t really old…

I won’t talk a lot about my very first ones. The first two have been boxes (petlings) located somewhere. The third was a multi already with some brain used. But if you’re really interested about my beginning and don’t fear German language, click here

Update 12/24/2016

To make a little bit more traffic on our page I decided to declare most of the videos on YouTube as public and linked them to the pages here… On YouTube I put all of them into a playlist called „WVTim & th10gt smart caches“...

Update 07/22/2017

Meanwhile a lot of things happened. This page isn’t no longer only informing about our smart caches. I added a new section to talk about my „nursery/kindergarten time keeping project“ and today I started to talk about the world of 3D printing I’m just stepping into. 

Update 09/09/2018

Very bad news: Tim recently wrote to me that these smart caches cause too much maintenance and are also quite expensive. Besides, I think he has never had so much fun modifying my programs just a little bit. Anyway, he decided to build only gadget caches in future. For his next trail to be published in the summer of 2019, he has already finished eight of them today.

I do not know if this decision is final or if we will develop smart caches together again someday.

I definitely leave this part of my website as it is. So all under the title "WVTim page" and in English. Also my channel on YouTube will stay unchanged.

I hope our friendship will continue without working together on smart caches..

Stay tuned! 

Blog will be continued (with my next caches or experiences on what I’m just doing).

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